Hi my name is Fable but all people call me Sohma for some reason.
I love all about yaoi and couples.
for the time i'm possessed by yaoi because my last boyfriend and me broke up. I NEEED YAOI TO SURVIVE NOW!!!!!!!!

When you try the hardest not to wake up your parents

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Raw version of these - (x) I arranged them by ages ~

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reigisa week - day 5: “winter”

i’m only one week late!! at least i did it… sort of….

preorders for my reigisa doujinshi are only open for 2 more days! there will most likely be no reprint in the future, so if you were thinking about purchasing one, this is your last chance <3)

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Original artist: shambit

[with permission from artist to repost] Please do not remove source :)

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